Our wine encyclopaedia

Everybody will find the right tasting Franconian wine. We grow ten different grape variety.
Traditional grape varieties and once that are rare in Franconia.
While selecting an new variety we observe the demands of the variety concerning soil,
location and microclimate in order to enable the variety to produce a wine of highest quality.
Only if everything harmonizes we have a good chance of a full-bodied Wine.

To plant a new vineyard is not for a year or two, and no fashion trend, it’s a decision for decades.

Read about them, and then taste them:

Silvaner   Silvaner
This grape variety is grow in Franconia since 1659.
Silvaner developed from Traminer and Austrian White.
The flavor of Silvaner reminds you of fresh cut hay.
In the higher classification you find the taste of quince, pear and honey.
Silvaner wine is the perfect partner to fish and white meat.
In our winery you find a try and honest Silvaner wine.

Müller-Thurgau   Müller-Thurgau
the university of Geisenheim crossbreed Madeleine Royal x Riesling and the new variety was born.
A fresh fruity wine with a fine apple and pineapple aroma.
It harmonizes with almost all food, it also taste's good bye it self.

Bacchus   Bacchus
A relative new variety that developed from (Silvaner x Riesling) x Müller- Thurgau in 1933 Ripe wines have a rich bouquet and an exceptional fruity flavor.
Bacchus you find mostly medium dry to medium sweet.
It's a wine to enlighten your palate.

Riesling   Riesling
The first wild vines where found in 1435 Riesling the king of white wine is known for its fine acidy and elegance.
You fall in love with the bouquet that reminds you of a ripe pear.
The Riesling grown along the river main will go along with the fresh fine fish and vegetable.

Kerner   Kerner
Grown from Trollinger x Riesling.
Kerner will remind you of the Riesling, has a nice fresh acidy and a real fine citric taste.
This grape variety is now grown on a very small amount of vineyards in Franconia.

Weißburgunder   Weißburgunder
is a Mutation of the burgundy family.
He presents a light nose and a nutty aroma.
A fresh acidy and a fine fruit aroma makes it the right wine to go along with fine food.

Schwarzriesling   Schwarzriesling
A Mutation of the blue burgundy also called the miller vine because of it's white hairy leafs It's a fruity light red wine.
As a Rose' with a fresh fruit aroma served cooled, it becomes the favorite wine for the summer days.

Domina   Domina
Born in 1927 from the parents Portugieser and Spätburgunder.
Deep red wines with a special flavor.
A strong tannic acidy makes it a wine that can be stored for many years to came while improving its taste and flavor.
The Domina goes along with dark meat and fine Italian food.

Spätburgunder   Spätburgunder
The growing of the late burgundy can be traced back till 300 AC.
Karl the Great brought the vine 884 to Germany.
This queen of red wine has a very fine blackberry flavor.
Aged Burgundy wines have velvety mouth feeling that reminds of bitter almonds.

Cabernet Cubin   Cabernet Cubin
This new vine was introduced 1970 in Weinsberg.
Created from Blaufränkisch x Cabernet Sauvingnon/Lavadoux.
Its very deep red wine with a full berry flavor.
A new star is born on the red wine sky.